May 3, 2020

A glimpse of the survey responses so far

Due to the obvious linguistic bias, and the inherent bias of an internet based survey, we are aware that the conclusions drawn from our survey ought to be contextualized with sufficient supporting information.

The following charts summarise responses to our survey from Maharashtra and all over India, respectively.

Few striking observations:

--At this stage, we have received more than 2900 responses, out of which about 38% are from Maharashtra accounting for more than 1140 responses.

-- There are 718 districts in India, out of which 429 districts have reported positive cases of COVID19 infections ( Our survey has neither reached all of 718 districts, nor even the 429 districts which have reported positive cases of COVID19.

-- In contrast, out of 36 districts in Maharashtra, 33 districts have reported positive COVID19 cases, and our survey shows a rather expansive reach in Maharashtra getting responses from 25 districts.

-- Out of the 33 districts reporting positive cases, Mumbai, Pune and Thane account for more than 80% of the total. Similarly, the same three districts account for more than 85% of responses to our survey from Maharashtra. Possibly, since these three districts are mostly urban with widespread usage of the internet, our survey has managed to get a large number of responses from these areas.

Moving on to the responses to the specific questions aimed at measuring the awareness of implementing social distancing, it appears that a large population has indeed embraced the practice of wearing masks, and maintaining social distancing. However, since a strict adherence to social distancing is necessary to keep a check on the spread of the pandemic, it is a little alarming that more than a third of the respondents seemed to suggest scant regard for social distancing norms at neighbourhood shops.


The information provided here is the result of an academic exercise. The projections are only indicative, and the contributors do not claim that their projections are accurate. The opinions and views expressed here are not endorsed in any shape or form by the organization in which the contributors work.